Talent Seekers

Our Services


We use our extensive database and place strategic advertising to search for the best possible candidates for the required position once we have gained full knowledge of the position


Once we understand the clients brief for the required position we go about selecting a shortlist of candidates to put in front of the Client.


Once we have selected the most suitable candidates for the position we run a full set of screening functions on the candidates, including ITC credit bureau check, Criminal records, Reference, Competencies, etcs


Once the candidates have passed our screening process we will arrange confidential introductions with the prospective Clients, who ultimately will decide on the organizational fit and suitability of the candidate

Follow Up

We will follow up regularly with both client and candidate to ensure that the Recruitment Process was successful.

Additional Services

We then offer our clients a menu of additional Services, including Psychometric Testing, Profile Testing, Job Description Compilation, Staff on-boarding and Training, HR Administration, Labour Law, CCMA Management, Conflict Resolution